BA5100 - Battery Impedance Analyzer

BA5100 Battery Analyzer.pdf

Battery Analyzer BA5100


l   Programmable battery charger of 5V/100A

l   Programmable load 100A/400Wcontinuousand peak pulse current up to 300A/1s for hybrid pulse power characteristic test

l   Impedance response analyzer for EIS measurements; 0.05Hz to 10KHz

l   Battery cycling test for estimating SoC and SoH

l   Impedance measurements; Nyquist plot, terminal resistance, charge transfer resistance, diffusion capacitance and cell's inductance

l   Simultaneously measurement of voltage, current, temperature and impedance

l   Precision coulomb counter for battery pack gas gauge calibration

l   EIS Analog Interface for external high power charger and load for stack measurements

l   Interface for external DC contactor in order to isolate the battery under test

l   Ultra-capacitor measurement

l   Standard Ethernet, USB and RS-232 interface for application software

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